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Premium Lace Hold Glue 28 Gram Bottle

Premium Lace Hold Glue 28 Gram Bottle

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Presenting our cutting-edge lace hold glue for Hair Systems, the best way to achieve a stable, long-lasting, and natural-looking hold. This high-performance adhesive was created with creativity and precision to meet all of your hair styling needs while preserving the integrity of your natural skin and hair.


Key Features:

  • Superior Hold: Lace Hold Glue is designed to give your hair system an unmatched, long-lasting hold. You can be confident that your hair will stay firmly in place whether you're participating in strenuous activities or just going about your everyday business.

  • - Natural Appearance: Our cutting-edge solution produces results that are flawless and imperceptible. Because the glue dries clear and is nearly invisible, your hair system will appear to be joined to your scalp organically.

  •  Skin-Friendly Formula: We are aware of how critical it is to keep the skin beneath your hair system in good condition. Because it is free of harsh chemicals and has undergone dermatological testing, the likelihood of irritation and allergies is reduced.
  • Waterproof & Sweat-Resistant: Our Lace Hold Glue is tough enough to withstand tough situations, such unexpected downpours or intense workouts. It keeps its integrity and hold no matter what.

  • - Long-Lasting: Our Lace Hold Glue just needs one application to hold your hair system firmly in place for a considerable amount of time, saving you time and trouble from having to apply it frequently.

  • - Adaptable Use: Fits a variety of hair structures and styles, such as toupees, complete wigs, lace fronts, and more. This adhesive is the preferred option for both experts and homeowners looking to get salon-caliber results at home.

Why Choose Our Lace Hold Glue:

  • Designed to provide a strong grasp without sacrificing comfort.
    made to resist a range of weather conditions and activities, giving you the flexibility to fully enjoy life.

  • carefully designed to guarantee that your hair system feels safe and looks natural.
    It is appropriate for a variety of skin types because it was formulated with skin health in mind.

  • supported by favorable client feedback and industry recognition.
    Use our Lace Hold Glue for Hair Systems to up your hair game. Bid farewell to concerns over adhesive failure and welcome to self-assured, easygoing styling.

  • Discover the difference now and take advantage of an exceptional, natural hold that is secure beyond measure.

    Please carefully read the instructions and heed the warning.


    • Ensure that the head surface and the hair patch are both clean and devoid of oil and grease.
    • Apply lace to attach. Spread evenly throughout the area while holding onto both surfaces.
    • Let the lace hold glue dry for a few minutes; the amount of time it takes to dry will depend on how much is put and on what surface.
    • Place the hair patch in its proper location and push down hard on the adhesive area once it has dried to the touch.
    • After applying the hair patch, wait 24 hours before washing it because the oil in shampoos and conditioners will shorten the adhesive's lifespan.


        • Flammable: stay away from food, flames, and sparks. Steer clear of the eyes. If contact occurs, immediately rinse eyes with water for fifteen minutes. dangerous fumes; always utilize properly ventilated areas.
        • On skin that is sensitive, diseased, or abraded, do not use.
        • Keep out of children's reach.
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