Lace Hold Tape For Hair System (5 METER)

Lace Hold Tape For Hair System (5 METER)

Our high-grade quality product, Lace Hold Tape is now in new form, the most comfortable and flexible for lace base materials and all type of hair system. Undetachable bond for human hair systems like, hair patch and poly-fuse hair system. Holds for 4 weeks, and easy to use.

Hold: 3-4 weeks
No need to take off the hair piece every week to change tape because it got loose, lace hold tape is perfect fit of everyday, it gives the remarkable bonding.

high-grade quality product

  • Undetachable bond for human hair systems
  • Very much comfortable
  • Flexible for all Hair Systems

Proven for the best tape holding time and the bonding between the surfaces.

products made at Joker wigs arts & crafts are made with full precision and we only aim to serve our clients the most comfortable and cost-effective products which requires lesser time as it’s easy to use.

For any queries regarding the product please feel free to contact us through whichever medium is convenient to you as we would love to know about our products better and we love feedbacks from our clients as it gives us the scope of improvement to make better products and provide better services.

Joker Wigs Arts & Crafts studies the client’s needs and problems to make products which will help our customers in the most effective way.

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