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Fair And Care Indore, India Is the oldest and full result-proof company where you can get rid of your baldness and hair loss problems. What is a non-surgical hair replacement system? And how does it work? The non-surgical hair replacement method has No pain, No chemical reactions, No side effects and it’s not expensive! You can get young and attractive looks in just 1 hour. At Fair ad Care Indore you are taken care of by a team of experienced expert professionals who have mastered the art of Non-surgical hair replacement method for more than 25 years.

What is the NON-Surgical Hair Replacement method?

Fair and care Indore provides the most effective method of Non-surgical hair replacement method now What exactly is a Non-surgical hair method? Since the method is non-surgical it has no chemical and no painful needle use. We make a 100% Human Hair Patch as per the required measurements of the client and we attach it on the head with either a double-sided tape or glue.

How long does Non-surgical Hair replacement last?

The life span of Non-surgical hair replacement is roughly from 8-12 months as it is made of 100% human natural hair and requires service and maintenance from time to time from  14-30 days and the servicing and maintenance time can vary from person to person and the care of the product.

Factors which affects –

  • Weather conditions

  • Skin type

  • Texture

  • Hair type

Are you worried about being in a remote location or not having the time to get time to time servicing and maintenance care from our team? Do not worry as we teach all our clients.

  • We give you proper tutorials on

  • How to take care of Hair Patch

  • How to Fix a Hair Patch

  • How to Improve the Life of Hair patch

We give our customers the kind of after selling services that they do not have to come to us when they are running out of time or are traveling anywhere in the world.

Advantages of Non-surgical Hair Replacement system:

This method will give you instant realistic results and with no stress of any side effects or health issues, no scary needle treatments, painful and lengthy chemical treatments, this method is safe and secure and we can assure you of the results with our products and service.

The non-surgical hair replacement method does not change your lifestyle or your daily routine as it’s a method of convenience, you can swim, go on a safari, enjoy watersports or rock climbing, and of course do your day-to-day activities like going to the gym.

Questions and Answers related to Non-surgical Hair replacement method:

What do you mean by a Hair-patch or Non-surgical hair method?

A:-  It’s a process where we precisely measure the bald or problem area on your scalp and we prepare a hair patch that perfectly fits the measured size. The hair patch is made of 100% Human natural hair which is treated according to the color of your hair and the density you require for it to blend with your hair and look natural

After the hair patch is fixed on the scalp with the help of either double-sided tape or glue whichever option is chosen by our customer, we then move ahead to the desired Haircut to give you the young and attractive natural look you always wanted

How much does a Hair Patch cost?

How Much does Non-surgical Hair replacement cost?

A :- The most amazing thing about this method is it’s not expensive and we can work around your budget and give you the best quality product without you compromising with your looks. You don’t have to worry as we have all different kinds of hair patches to fit under your budget without compromising your looks or quality.

How can you fix or maintain Non -surgical hair replacement?

How to fix a Hair Patch? 

Process of Fix a Hair Patch at home?

As every product needs servicing and maintenance so does hair and as they are made of 100% human natural hair,

we provide proper care services to increase its lifespan which is about 6-12 months.

We teach you how to take care of your hair so you don’t have to visit us every single time but only for its servicing and maintenance.

if you are not a city-local resident in the cities where we cater there is no need to worry as we give our clients a proper care kit which has all the products required and we also teach you as and when you need.

 Although the time interval of servicing and maintenance would be around 14-30 days it can vary as to your hair type, care, texture, climate conditions, skin type, etc.

What Is the Difference between a Wig and A hair patch?

 A wig can not blend with your natural hair and is worn like a cap over your natural hair.

The non-surgical hair replacement method is a 100% human hair patch that is made to blend with your hair to give it a natural look as it fits perfectly in the bald or problem area and matches your hair texture and color.

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