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Hi to all Users…!!! we are coming in 2K17 with discount…!!!!!

We are coming with new products cheap prices hair wig glue and tapes it will increase holding time of your hair system it will be transparent and gives you natural looks in parties, meetings, official-corporate meetings.

front lace hair system are very costly in showrooms and hair weaving centre usually technician charge for front lace more the 25k to 30k but time no worry about this we are coming with huge stock of front lace hair systems this will gives you complete natural looks

Frontlace hair patch Octagone  Non Detectable Hair system..!!

IMG_8121 IMG_8095IMG_8124


Frontlace monofilament base P1

Lace Front monoflament P1 hair for men               Lace Front monoflament P1 hair   Lace Front monoflament P1


These two hair system are best hair patches in the list most popular most useful hair piece we are huge seller of these hair systems and hair patches .

we have best items in our bags

Lace Hold Glue 3.4 oz & Lace Hold glue 1.7 oz for lace hair systems 

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Lace Remover solvent for Hair Systems for scalp cleaner

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Wig Gum remover for patch cleaner

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Lace Grip Glue 3.4 oz for natural looks

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Lace Grip Glue .7 Oz for front lace 

LACE GRIP 50 (5) LACE GRIP 50 (7) LACE GRIP 50 (7)

Joker Wigs arts and crafts…!!!!

we always serves you our best product please give us chance to show our best quality products.

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