Debunking Hair Extension Myths

If you are considering getting hair extensions, then you must be researching about them and trying to collect as much information as possible. To help you know the correct information, here we are debunking some of the common myths. So, continue reading.

  • Hair extensions ruin your hair

This is not completely false. If your hair extensions are not properly installed or of poor quality, they can damage your hair. If hair extensions are properly installed, removed and cared for, your hair won’t suffer any damage. As a result, it is crucial to follow proper care instructions and get them from leading Indian human hair wigs and extension store in India.

  • Hair extension will affect my hair growth

False! On average, your hair grows half an inch every month irrespective if you have extensions or get a trim regularly. In fact, as your hair keep growing you will have to maintain your extensions periodically. As your hair grows, the fasting points shift away from the scalp and become more visible. To keep your hair extensions looking best, you must get them refreshed as your hair grows.

  • Hair extensions are very costly

This is not true anymore. There are number of Hair Wigs Factory in India that provides various options for hair extensions that anyone can afford. While experts don’t recommend using non-Remy or synthetic hair due to difference in quality, they are a lot cheaper than the high quality Indian Human Hair Wigs and Extension in India. If you are tight on budget then clip in extensions can be a right choice for you.

  • Hair extensions are made from dead people’s hair

False! We are clueless that from where this myth originated, but it is not true. We use 100% human hair to make our extensions sold to us by living people. What makes our extensions so high quality is the fact that they are natural human hair.

  • Hair extensions are not right for active lifestyle

While you can take some precautions to make your hair extensions last, you can wear hair extensions at the gym. If you have clip in hair extensions then it is advised that you must remove them before hitting the gym, but if we talk about extensions that are attached using adhesive then they can withstand sweat.

  • Hair extensions are obvious

This again depends on the type and quality of extension you are using. When you use hair extensions your hair start to look longer and thicker. Professionally applied hair extensions are texture and color matched and blended into your hair so no one will know that you are wearing extensions.

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